Monday, January 28, 2013

Bob Dylan

My cat is sick.

Several weeks ago Dylan was covered in scabs around his neck and butt and he pretty much licked his nipples off.  I know, quivering thought eh?  Dylan is my 19 lb. cat - my big boy.  He is now down to 14 lbs. and puking anywhere from 3 to 12 times a day. He has eaten of almost all of the fur on his legs and stomach and he looks like he stuck his tail in a light socket. I have an appointment set for tomorrow to find out what is wrong but I fear that tomorrow will be the end of Dylan. We already saw a doctor about him close to 3 months ago and I 'm afraid they will just tell me the same thing.

My kitty, Dylan, is only 4 years old.  His older brother Preston, I had to put down at 6 years old due to severe Diabetes.  I couldn't afford the medicine and lets face it, it's a cat.  I feel bad for my little man even though I cannot stand him 95% of the time.  Cats are so inbred it really doesn't shock me that they get so sick but darn it, it makes me sad.  While I cannot stand him, I don't want him to be sick.  I don't want him to suffer either.

I will post after tomorrow's appointment to let anyone who cares know how he ended up. I may just update this post.

**Update 1/29/13:  Just got home from the vets and Dylan is doing - eh... well.  I bought him a catnip treat and he is wasted right now, but other than that he is on $120 worth of meds to cure him of his illness.  Steroids, antibiotics, AND a parasite treatment.  The doctor didn't really know what is wrong with him but this will be a start to figuring it out.

Oh and of course he pooped in his carrier in my car on the drive home.  Must have been one of those "Thanks Mom.  I appreciate all you do for me!" moments. Little bastard.

**Update #2 (2/1/13):  Went to the doctors again this morning as Dylan will not stop puking. They did x-rays and a blood draw.  The x-ray shows there is definitely something in his stomach making him miserable, but whether it is fur or an obstruction we are unsure.  Blood results will be in tomorrow.  $260 later and I am back at home with my sick kitty. :(


  1. As much as I hate cats I hate seeing an animal in pain more. Hope all goes well.

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