Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Your Passion or Mine?

In English class last Monday, we had to write three paragraphs on something we felt passionately about so the professor could gauge how we write and what styles we use when doing so.  I swear I could have sat there the entire night and not come up with a topic.  While I feel emotion in regard to many topics, I am one of those people who can see both sides so clearly that sometimes it blurs my passionate lines.  Liberal to the core I suppose.

Either way I ended up writing about politics.  One thing I am not incredibly seasoned in, but one that is paving a really wide road through my life right now - especially with friends and family.  I wrote them in a very hurried yet semi-lengthy way.  Almost everyone else had left before I was finished with my bland three paragraphs.  I pretty much could have written all night just on the things that were pouring out of me, but I cut them short and wrapped it up for the night. I wrote how since November 6th (Election Day), I have deleted over 90 people from my Facebook - mostly for political reasons.  Not because someone may not think like I do, but because of the blatant ignorance pouring out of people these days.

This past Monday I got my paper back.  I have been so nervous since school started that I was honestly expecting a pretty bad review of my paper.  I could see mine sitting at the top of the stack and there was all kind of notes littering the margins.
Oh dear, has it been that long since I was in school that I have forgotten how to write three freaking paragraphs properly? 
The class is in regard to Composition and making sure we can write in the right format and blah blah blah. The meat and potatoes of it all is to write a thesis on a topic in the news that we are passionate about.  One that we can argue and state facts about. Yikes.  Here comes that pesky passionate bullshit again.

Sidebar: One thing I look for in a partner is passion.  Sure a man can be incredibly good looking and smart, but if he has the same passion as a wet dishrag then I will pretty much end the relationship then and there. And by passion I do not mean hobbies.  By passion I mean, he wants to leave a mark on something whether it be his kids, his nieces and nephews, feeding the hungry or even world peace.  I am extremely attracted to a guy that I lives his life on behalf of something other than himself.

She handed my paper back and within the margins it said things like "Love this opening!" and "Great rhetorical question!"  The one that got me was "You could use this for your paper topic! It would be new, since no one has done it yet. Interesting paper."  I did a literal facepalm right there. I didn't even know what to say, where to start, how to react, any of it.  Adrenaline started coursing through my body and I wasn't even sure how to move my legs to walk away from her.  I just stood there like a mannequin.  I have under-estimated myself. And though this was only the first assignment and I have a LONG way to go before I walk away with an 'A' in the class, I still felt my confidence level sky rocket.   It's one thing to keep a journal every day or blog on the occasion, but to have someone else tell you that they like your ideas is one thing you can't buy in a store.

Reeling from the aftermath, I picked up 4 books for research and have written 2 pages of a rough draft.  It isn't even due until mid-March.  Needless to say I am a bit excited.  Every day when I go to my classes (whether it is English or otherwise) I am on a high.  Like college is where I am supposed to be.

I guess I owe a thank you to Lowe's for that fateful day when I was fired.  Thank you for changing my life for the absolute best!

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