Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My Letter to Rolling Stone Magazine

To Whom It May Concern:

When a person hears the words "Rolling Stone Magazine" it brings a certain nostalgia to their ears. Throughout many years, thousands of aspiring artists and even ones who had made it, fought to be on the cover of this magazine as it was similar to winning the World Series or the SuperBowl for a musician. 

Today you took every ounce of credibility, American-ness, and honor that was being a part of your once great magazine, and not only covered it with excrement, but shat on the soula of Americans everywhere.  Does your magazine also have American flags as door mats and even smaller versions of flags for toilet paper? Do you take company field trips to Arlington just to piss on the graves of those who lost their lives for this country? That is pretty much what you have done by exalting a terrorist onto the cover of your magazine.

Its funny that your address is even "1290 Avenue of the Americas" because you do not belong on an street with a name so distinguished.  To call yourself or anyone at your magazine "American" is blasphemy to those who lost their lives for this country, especially in Boston this year.

How dare you immortalize the face of a murderer on your cover!  You have put John Lennon on the cover three hundred times you couldn't just make it three hundred and one?  Was there really no one else?  Were there really no bands on the planet that couldn't have filled a place on you cover? You make me sick. You make America and its actual American's sick.  If you wanted controversy so bad you could have just thrown Trayvon or Zimmerman on there because Lord knows the two of them had about as much musical ideological effect as Tsarnaev.  

No one needs to remember his name or his face. No one gives two cares that the terrorist was a "popular kid" or an "upstanding student."  He is a murderer.  He deserves death and nothing more.  And since you so clearly support him, you are no better than a terrorist, nay... you are terrorists. 

How you sleep at night is beyond me.  I am certain that if I was a terrorist I wouldn't be able to sleep a wink knowing that I was a disgrace to my country and all of it's citizens.  

I am pretty sure that Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts, even though they were established 5 years before your crappy magazine, are contemplating changing their band name.  I sure wouldn't want to be assimilated with your second-rate magazine in any way, shape or form.

Mary Anne Theriault
Former Fan & Former Shelf Subscriber of terrorist magazines (Aka: Rolling Stone)
Current American citizen & supporter of our troops

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