Friday, August 2, 2013

Love at a Rest Stop?

So an hour into my five hour car ride and I've already had to pop two Xanex.  Driving with my mother and father is one of the hardest tasks known to man.  They bicker every 5 minutes, my dad calls out every river, and road name, as well as every single time he spots a hawk in a tree or flying.  My mom on the other hand is a very nervous person in the car.  "You're too close to the person infront of you." Or "Do you have to go 80?" Or "Can you not drive in the left the whole time?" Its not only nerve wrecking for her but for all other parties.

We stopped at a rest stop to let Bea stretch her legs and drop off some timber. I went inside to wander around the gift shop when a super good looking guy stopped me to make small talk.  He asked where I was heading to and we talked about a YouTube video, we joked back and forth and then he said "Call me when you get to the dunes so I know you made it safe."  with a cute smirk on his face.  Did I get his number? Nope.  Damn moron!  I probably would have sabotaged it anyway.

This car ride may kill me.  I'm hungry, and ornery, and we just started this effing trip.  My dad wont let me drive because I am all "doped up" or so he says.  Believe me, I am starting to realize there aren't enough drugs in this car. Sigh.

PS. 7-Layer Dip Tortilla Combos are effing amazing!!

Backseat buddies. 

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  1. Oh boy! Video tape them, I want to see! Lol. I think they are cute...haha!