Friday, February 27, 2015

Eff you very much!

Every day I receive some sort of rude comment toward myself.
I am not sure if it is the day and age we are in, but people are blaming their rudeness for a "lack of a filter" and quite frankly it's a pathetic excuse.
I, too, speak my mind, but I am not rude to people. I do not offend them, and I certainly would never say half of the things that are said to me (out loud anyway).

The day's conversation went as so:

Them:   "Your boyfriend is coming in on Monday."
Me:       "Not my boyfriend. I don't have one of those."
Them:   "That's right. What kind of example are you setting for your daughter [being alone/not having a spouse]?"
And I replied,"I am setting an example that it is empowering her to be an independent woman who can support herself in every way possible rather than have a man do it for her.  I owned my own home at 26, have raised a child by myself while working and going to college. That's not such a bad example to me."

The distortion of this one person's view on how a woman should be frightens me.

As if having a partner defines me.
As if I need that relationship to lead a happy life.

To set the record straight for people who may be confused: I am happy.  Maybe happier than I have ever been.  I am a 4.0 student, I have a gorgeous, nerdy, and funny daughter, I get to coach softball two days a week, I have a home with a lovely yard (so much nature and flowers) that I love, I have a few close friends who care about me, I have some family members who I love unfailingly, and I have a job which (most of the time) I rather like.

Not everyone needs a partner.
Not everyone needs someone else to define them.
Not everyone needs constant reassurance.
Not everyone needs companionship.

I am not sure why everyone focuses the narrative on what I am lacking, when clearly I am not lacking anything.

Not everyone needs fixing. 

If we need things to worry about, I can give you a list to chose from:

a) a little boy who is in medically induced coma from hitting his head while sledding and trying to have some fun.

b) Islamic terrorists groups who make threats on people waaaaay too often.

c)  A sweet puppy named Hazel Grace who was held over a barbecue and roasted half to death, who has been recovering for months; Her perpetrator is walking away with a slap on his wrist. aka: a misdemeanor.

d) Children whose parents don't love them, leave them, abuse them, starve them, or any other horrific and unimaginable verb.

e) A mother who is focusing on her family and rebuilding her life after a horrific divorce.

f) The number of rape victims on college campuses each year - which is skyrocketing!

This list is endless... And we can discuss any of the topics on it at length.

But my name isn't going to be on it, because there is no mystery; there is no wondering to be had. And it sure has hell isn't a cause for any sort of concern.

If you have to meet your word quota for the day, then be my guest and say what you need to, but please keep your super rotten comments to yourself, thankyouverymuch!